Candioli Pharma was founded in Rome in 1882 by Dr. Attilio Candioli, in the laboratory of his Family owned pharmacy. Since then, a constant application in pursuing excellence in development and manufacturing of new products has made Candioli Pharma a modern, state of the art Company in the pharmaceutical market.

In over 135 years of history, Candioli Pharma has expanded its areas of interest, adding highly innovative products in veterinary market (with three product lines: Pets, Ornithology and Athlete Horses) to leading products like MOM (antiparasitic for human treatments).

Our Mission is to bring innovative solutions to vets and owners, so that pet’s quality of life can be better aligned with the standards of our Society.

We have the firm belief that a thorough and continuous dedication in pursuing quality is the only way to our final objective: improving pet’s quality of life.

People and values

The preparation of its technical staff allows Candioli pharma to face the world of modern pet food with safety and competence, proposing one of the most complete and articulated catalogues in the panorama of animal production and health: from medicated premixes to complementary vitamin-mineral feeds to foods for particular nutritional purposes, from probiotics to products that exploit advanced technologies, such as gastric protection.

This flexibility in the production proposal has led Candioli pharma's professionalism to enter into commercial agreements with partners in European, North American, South American and Asian countries.

Certified quality

The quality system adopted by Candioli pharma regulates all company activities, from product design and production to customer service, guaranteeing a high and repeatable standard of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality controls are carried out on a daily basis according to legal requirements and involve, in addition to pharmacologically active substances, any undesirable substances.

The quality system has always been applied in full compliance with regulatory prerequisites.

GMP standards are observed in the production of all products.