Candioli Pharma is a leading manufacturer, active in Italy as well as abroad, of protective and preventive health products for human and animal use.

The company stretches over a surface area more than 4,000 m2, about 2,000 of which are dedicated to manufacturing departments that have been recently refurbished and extended to ensure ongoing compliance with new regulations and requisites established by the competent authorities.

In the site there are completely separate production areas for veterinary medicines, compound feeds and hygiene products which guarantees the production integrity and consequently the quality of the products.

Candioli guarantees a complete service, together with professionalism and confidentiality, aimed at the design, production and marketing ofproducts for animals and humans on behalf of third parties.

From raw material research to product analysis and, formulation development to production, packaging and technical-regulatory and regulatory assistance.

Growing and educationg our customers through a rigorous policy of quality and control of the entire production process and investments in Research and Development, enhancement and training of employees are the values in which we believe.

Listening to the customers and turning their idea into a reality.

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Developing excellence since 1882

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